Legends of Tomorrow season 3: Ranking its top 5 moments

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2. Rip sacrifices himself to save the Legends from Mallus

The Legends of Tomorrow season 3 finale wasted no time in introducing us to the action. Picking up where the previous episode left off, we finally got to see Mallus in all his demonic glory. As the demon tried to procure the six totems, the Legends found themselves trapped. However, an unexpected sacrifice from an old friend bought them the time that they needed.

The former Captain of the Waverider and Director of the Time Bureau, Rip Hunter took the Waverider’s time-drive and used it to trap Mallus temporarily. However, there was cost: he would not survive. Rip knew of the fate that awaited him and bid Gideon farewell. He then fearlessly marched out onto the field in Zambesi and activated the device. However, as he did so, we were treated to numerous touching flashbacks of some of Rip’s best moments on the show. Despite Sara’s attempts to find another way, the former Captain wouldn’t back down. He then remarked that he was looking forward to seeing his wife and son again. Sara then bid him farewell, calling him “Captain” one more time as he fearlessly allowed himself (and Mallus) to be consumed by the time-drive.

While Rip hadn’t been as prominent in the latest season, this was still an incredibly emotional scene. Despite his opposition to some of their methods, the Legends’ original leader always believed in his team. And that made his sacrifice all the more emotional. With the powerful music, beautiful dialogue and heart-breaking flashbacks, this wasn’t just heartbreaking, it was a triumphant exit worthy of a Legend — and that’s exactly what Rip Hunter will always be.