Marvel Cinematic Universe: The 8 worst performances

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5. The Entire cast of Inhumans

Marvel’s Inhumans was an absolute failure. ABC head Channing Dungey said, “…the numbers, unfortunately, were less exciting for us than we hoped they would be.” The show hasn’t been canceled yet, but it’s not looking good. The show has received poor ratings (10 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and maybe even worse reviews.

Variety said, “Somehow he’s (Scott Buck) outdone himself: Iron Fist looks like Citizen Kane next to this slapped-together, incoherent, cheap-looking mess.” Marvel has always used the Inhumans as punching bags for the Fantastic Four and other heroes. Until recently, Marvel has never given fans a reason to root for them. This seemed to translate over to the TV show as well. That is still no excuse for the poor acting from the cast.

With the exception of Anson Mount (Black Bolt) and Iwan Rheon (Maximus), the acting was atrocious. Serinda Swan was predestined to be bad as Medusa as soon as they gave her terrible CGI hair and then cut it. Her skills as an actress weren’t good enough to play the role of queen and warrior. Isabelle Cornish (Crystal) had no redeemable qualities and sucked the air out of every scene she was in. Ken Leung did a decent job as Karnak, but not enough to save any scene he was in. Eme Ikwuakor (Gorgon) may have been the only character with a decent storyline, but, again, he just wasn’t good enough to help the show. Even as a group they couldn’t muster up a performance worthy of saving the show from negative criticism.