Marvel Cinematic Universe: The 8 worst performances

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4. Eric Bana as Bruce Banner (The Hulk)

No good came from the 2003 Hulk movie. First, Ang Lee was a terrible choice as a director. The story was awful, the direction was even worse, and the villain was forgettable. To top it all off, Eric Bana was an terrible choice as a lead. Some people may be good actors, but unfortunately end up end up in roles that were destined to fail. Eric Bana (Black Hawk Down and Munich) is a prime example of this.

Eric Bana as Bruce Banner was painful to watch. The character of Bruce Banner isn’t known for having multiple emotions. He usually tries his best to keep his anger in check so he doesn’t turn into The Hulk. Bana was flat and had zero emotion on his face at any point in the movie. The scene where Banner was talking to his father is a prime example. Bana spent the scene looking like he had gas. After watching the scenes from the movie and trying to find anything redeemable from Eric Bana, I realized that there isn’t any. Bana’s performance should never be relived and we should act like it never happened.