Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #799, Norman attacks


The Amazing Spider-Man #799 sets us up for a big story in issue #800 when Norman makes one bold move. Our review contains spoilers, so consider yourself warned!

Writer: Dan Slott
Penciler: Stuart Immonen
Inker: Wade von Grawbadger
Color artist: Marte Gracia
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

The Amazing Spider-Man #799 gets us one issue closer to the milestone issue #800. The issue starts with a focus on keeping Peter’s friends and family safe from Norman Osborne. He’s determined to destroy Peter, starting with the people closest to him and with the Carnage symbiote, he’s even more dangerous.

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While Mary Jane and Aunt May are kept safe, it’s Harry who Norman goes after first. This move didn’t seem surprising since Harry strayed so much from his father and with good reason. Norman wants things to be a family affair and he does manage to get that at the end of the issue when he grabs Normie and let’s the Carnage symbiote take him over, too.

Before that final moment, though, Spider-Man brings together Silk, Miles, Clash and Anti-Venom to try to keep everyone safe. When that doesn’t work, Anti-Venom heals Peter’s busted up leg and says he’s their best player. It’s a nice little sports reference that is perfect for the moment.

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In this issue, we see Norman at his most destructive. He takes down four heroes like it’s nothing because the combination of the Carnage symbiote and him previously being the Green Goblin gives him even fewer weaknesses than before.

Amazing Spider-Man #799. B. . Dan Slott, Stuat Immonen.

Dan Slott set himself up for a big ending to close out his run on The Amazing Spider-Man. I’m looking forward to how it turns out. The art from Stuart Immonen is wonderful, especially the design on the Red Goblin and when the Carnage symbiote takes over Normie. This has been a solid story so far.