Black Lightning: Five influential moments in season 1

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Season 1 of Black Lightning concluded this week, so let’s look back at its best moments from all 13 episodes.

The CW’s Black Lighting has finished season one and has been renewed for a season 2. It was a show based on a DC Comics character that isn’t as popular as Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. Black Lightning not being connected to the Arrow-verse is something that could have ultimately hurt the show. Instead, the show exists in its own universe and has flourished. The show has given the audience a ton of exciting, deep, and inspirational moments, so let’s look at some of the best from the inaugural season.

5. Jefferson Pierce gets arrested

Episode: The Book of Crucifixion

This was the toughest moment of the show for me to watch. Jefferson spent his entire adult life becoming a pillar of the community. He’s even recognized nationwide as a great man for his work.

During the episode, Jefferson had drugs planted in his car and at his desk by crooked detectives and cops. Jefferson was arrested and processed like a criminal in front of his students and daughters. It doesn’t end there. Jefferson was forced to strip, bend over, and cough like a criminal. This was a moment that can never be unseen.

What made this memorable

This is the first time Jefferson lost. Black Lightning wasn’t defeated, Jefferson was. It was one of the few times that Black Lightning’s life hurt Jefferson. This was also the first time Jefferson was helpless and had to rely on his friends and family to help him. Something he’s not used to doing. Every superhero show has a moment where their other life hurts their personal life. This was Jefferson’s. It’s also a defining moment for his daughter Anissa as well. This was a moment for her to prove she had what it takes and come up big in the clutch.