Black Lightning: Five influential moments in season 1

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1.Black Lightning is back

Episode: The Book of Pain

Jefferson Pierce gave up his life as Black Lightning after his wife saw him bleeding in a tub. Jefferson promised her that he would give up his life as a vigilante. After years of being a normal father and principal, Jefferson used his powers for the first time in years to help youngest daughter after she was kidnapped by the gang The 100. Later, both of Jefferson’s daughters are kidnapped and Jefferson becomes Black Lightning again.

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What made this memorable

These were the most important moments of this series. Without this, there would be no show. Jefferson had to do whatever it takes to save his daughters and he did that. He went back on a promise to leave his life of Black Lightning behind, but desperate times as such. Jefferson realized how much Black Lightning was needed and returned to his life as a vigilante. If not for Black Lightning there would be dozens of kids kidnapped and experimented on and many more would have died.