Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 review: How does it impact Infinity War?

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How will it affect Infinity War?

In short: Nebula and Gamora.

All the Guardians are sure to appear, and we know already from the trailers that they have an important part to play. But the daughters of Thanos will hold a place of special significance. From the characters introduced so far in the MCU, they have, by far, the greatest knowledge of the Mad Titan who will serve as the ultimate big bad for this phase of Marvel’s storytelling.

Expect them to play large early, to serve as mouthpieces for Thanos’ insane quest (as we’ve heard from Gamora in the trailers already), but, more than that, expect them to relate to their father in an emotional way.

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For most of the Marvel heroes, Thanos might as well be a force of nature, a cosmic entity of destruction on par with Galactus or Annihilus, but to Nebula and Gamora he is dad. If there are intimate moments of dialogue where Thanos is revealed and explored, it will likely be in conversations with his daughters.

The Russo’s have already told us that there will be blood, and among possible deaths, Nebula seems like one of the most obvious candidates.

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Drax also has a pretty significant axe to grind with the purple dude in the comics (he sort of dedicates his existence to ending him), and while I don’t expect that to be nearly as important in Infinity War, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets some play.

Last, but certainly not least, there is the Power Stone, used by the Guardians to defeat Ronin the Accuser. We will see this Stone, currently possessed by the Nova Corps. It will likely be among the first to fall. Will the Guardians have anything to do with that occurrence? We find out all too soon.