DCEU: Why the DC women should become its identity

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Credit: DC Comics, DCEU

The DCEU is moving forward with another female-centric film and we love it so much that we think it should start a trend — here’s why.  

After the DCEU announced the hire of Cathy Yan to direct Birds of Prey, the studio quickly rearranged their film schedule dates. The changes saw Suicide Squad 2 moves pack in order to make Yan’s female-centric film a priority. The idea makes sense when you consider that the overwhelming financial and critical success of the sole DCEU female lead movie, Wonder Woman. While SS2, would have featured Harley Quinn, it wasn’t going to provide the satisfying feeling of inclusion that an all-female hero movie like Birds of Prey would.

There aren’t many details about the plot of the movie so we’ll just have to speculate what it will be about. Though, there are a rumored two scripts already completed. No matter the plot, the idea of moving forward with female heroes in the forefront could be the identity that DCEU’s big boss, Walter Hamada is looking for.

Of course. all the big time male heroes like Superman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, and Shazam will get their solo movies. However, they should not overshadow the heroines that will undoubtedly be featured. DC has a lew of female heroes who could be just as popular and successful as there male counterparts. Conventional wisdom would suggest that such thinking would have played a part in Hamada’s decision to go with Birds of Prey in the first place. The DCEU at one point had an opportunity to change the complexity and optics of their entire movie universe with Wonder Woman.