DCEU’s Birds of Prey: Casting Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress

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Credit: DC Comics, DCEU

DCEU fans can rejoice now that Birds of Prey is finally happening. Margot Robbie will reprise her role as Harley Quinn, but she’s not part of the group. So we’re gonna give you a list of actresses who can play the heroic trio of Oracle, Black Canary, and Huntress? 

The announcement that Cathy Yan was going to direct DC Birds of Prey live-action film got fans of the DCEU excited. However, the inclusion of Harley Quinn may have thrown some fans for a loop since shew want’s part of the original team. There isn’t exactly a ton of news coming out except that filming is set to take place some time this year and there’s allegedly two scripts that currently exist.

With that said, we know is that Harley Quinn will be part of the film with actress Margot Robbie reprising her role. We don’t know how many other heroes or villains will make an appearance but since this is a Birds of Prey film, we’ll give kill two birds with one stone. Since the film is about the trio of heroines who band together to fight crime, we’re going to focus on the original members. So, here’s who we think should join Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey and the actresses who can play the heroes.

Barbara Gordon/Oracle 

There was a live-action version of Barbara Gordon on WB’s short-lived series, Birds of Prey played by Dina Meyer. In the existing world that is DC’s Arrowverse on the CW Network, Barbra Gordon’s Oracle does exist. However, she has yet to be depicted on CW, only mentioned by name on Arrow in a tongue and cheek manner. Still, the Birds of Prey film won’t be the first time Barbra has been depicted in a live-action format.

In the comics, Barbara becomes Batgirl after being inspired by Batman, when she saves Bruce Wayne’s life she decides to protect the city as Gotham. She’d be reluctantly accepted to the Bat-family but after being shot by Joker Barbara would be forced to reinvent herself from a wheelchair. Using her exceptional hacking skills Oracle was born, and she went on to recruit a team of heroes to form the Birds of Prey. 

6. Evan Rachael Wood 

Evan Rachel Wood is an amazing actress as evident by her transformative role in the 2003 critically acclaimed drama Thirteen. Wood currently stars on HBO’s sci-fi series Westworld. Wood has won awards for her portrayal as the android, Dolores, who is a mild-manured, charming southern belle who discovers that her life isn’t one of free will.

Throughout the series we witness a maturation of a character who was designed to be the victim but comes out victorious as she discovers who she is. In a lot of ways, the qualities of Dolores fit what’s needed for Barbara Gordon, specifically the ability to redefine one’s self like she did after being shot by Joker. Woods ability and her real-life ideologies lend itself perfectly to a role that allows for independence and courage to define a character, like Barbara Gordon. Let’s hope that she doesn’t shoot down the opportunity of playing Barbra like she shot down an audition for Mean Girls.

5. Gemma Arterton 

Gemma Arterton’s resume depicts an actress with versatility. Arterton is ready to take on a comic book movie, and her acting ability comes second to none. Whether it’s something emotional and tortured like the Disappearance of Alice Creed or something heroic like Hansel and Gretel — Arterton knew no bounds. No matter which depiction of Barbra Gordon Cathy Yan chooses, she’ll be able to capture it. However, one of the great things about Barbra’s character is the emotional instability she goes through after being shot, that’s where Arterton will allow Yan’s character to shine. 

4. Rose Leslie

Rose Leslie is another fan favorite whose line; “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” from Game of Thrones is arguably the most memorable quote from series.  But her role as the bad ass Ygritte made her famous, and its one of the reasons why we think she’d make an excellent Barbara Gordon. As Ygritte she’s an ass-kicking hardcore woman who thrives on her independence and the fact that she doesn’t need a man for much of anything.

As an actress, Leslie spread her wings and starred in a small-budget horror film Honeymoon where fans got to see her in a completely different. In Honeymoon, Leslie ditches her accent for an American one as she plays a bride on her honeymoon who sleepwalks and returns home a little different. A few years after Honeymoon,  she’d co-star alongside Vin Diesel in the big budget film The Last Witch Hunter. While the movie wasn’t a critical success, Leslie owned every scene she was in. In 2017, she returned to the small screw as the star of the critically acclaimed CBS All Access series The Good Fight