DCEU’s Birds of Prey: Casting Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress

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Dinah Lance/Black Canary 

Black Canary is a metahuman who is so highly skilled that she has helped other heroes of DC to better their combat skills. By day she defends the law as an attorney and by night she laced up her boots to kick some bad guy ass. Dinah was the first recruit of Oracle. Their relationship started off rocky but they ultimately became close after the two met face to face. DC is no stranger to depicting Black Canary in a live action format.

On the CW’s Arrow, there have been a few versions of the hero with Caity Lotz who played Sara Lance, the original Arrowverse Black Canary. Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance was a more traditional version of the hero using a device that granted her the supersonic Canary Cry. She was also a DA and dated Oliver Queen. While Juliana Harkavy’s current Black Canary is a true meta-human named Dinah Drake. 

5. Lily James

Lily James’ resume is proof of just how gifted of an actress she is, though it’s not lengthy. For those who didn’t watch her in the drama series, Downtown Abby, we were first introduced to James in the 2015 live-action adaption of Cinderella. Despite her excellent acting playing Cinderella wasn’t the role that landed her on the list.

In Pride and Prejudice and Zombies James was the exact opposite of her Disney character. She was a lady during the day and zombie killer at night. James would go on to star in Baby Driver where she played a waitress that meets Baby who changes her life. It’s the first time we got to see her ditch the British accent in favor of an American one.

However, that role paled in comparison to the role she played in the World War II drama Darkest Hour. James played the role of Elizabeth Layton the trusted secretary of Winston Churchill, who was played by the Oscar-winning actor Gary Oldman. 

4. Teressa Palmer 

Teressa Palmer is an Australian actress who has played in some great films lately. One of the more memorable movies was Berlin Syndrome where Palmer plays a journeying journalist who meets a guy in Berlin. When she stays over for the night, she learns that she cannot leave. However, Palmer’s duo into the world of thrillers didn’t start with Berlin’s Syndrome, before that she worked with Walter Hamada on the critical hit horror movie, Lights Out.

Now that Hamada is overseeing the DCEU Palmer could be in the running. In fact, he has used actresses he’s familiar with in multiple films like just see actress Frances Wallis (Annabelle). Additionally working in Palmer’s favor, aside from her ability to act in thrillers and horrors, she’s shown that she can be an absolute bad ass. Look no further than her role in I am Number Four where she portrayed the superhuman Number Six. If DCEU does have a list Teresa Palmer’s name should be on it.