DCEU’s Birds of Prey: Casting Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress

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Huntress/Helena Bertinelli 

Like Black Canary, there has been a  live-action portrayal of the Huntress. Australian actress Jessica De Gouw played the Sicilian ant-hero Helena Bertinelli on CW’s Arrow in the first two seasons of the series. The Huntress was recruited by Oracle after Black Canary was put in a compromising position and needed backup. Helena Bertinelli comes from high ranking mob family, but had no interest in the family business.

Instead, she makes it her life mission to rid the world of organized crime after watching her family get slaughtered at the age of eight. With the help of her uncle and cousins back in Sicily, she picked up the skills to defend herself. It wasn’t until she returned to Gotham where she would find the inspiration to actually take on the crime family herself. It happened at a party she saw Batman beatdown her family and their associates, and Huntress was born. 

4. Elizabeth Gillies  

Elizabeth Gillies is mostly known for her TV roles. In Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll she played a gritty lead singer of a band, while on CW’s Dynasty she completely switches roles. As Fallon, she’s less rocker and much more of a socialite manipulative heiress who’ll do anything to protect her legacy. Gillies (24) is still a young actress who is slowly proving she’s a rising star. There’s a certain bad girl look to her that lends itself to Helena Bertinelli and based on the roles she’s played thus far she’d be great. In addition to her TV roles, she has movies like Vacation and the dark comedy Arizona where Gillies has shown she can handle the spotlight of the big screen and ready for a breakout role.