Marvel Cinematic Universe: Top 25 moments of all time

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12. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – The Ravager Funeral

The paternal relationship between Yondu and Peter Quill is one of the least normal in the MCU. Yondu stole Quill as a child for Ego, Quill’s father. Rather than delivering him, Yondu raised Quill in the ways of the Ravagers. However, Yondu’s actions in the kidnapping of children caused him to fall out of grace with the rest of the Ravager troops. Still, in command of his own, he taught the great Star-Lord the ways of the space pirate.

Yondu dies after helping the Guardians stop Ego’s plan to colonize the Universe; his sacrifice ensures that Quill will live. The loss of Yondu was heart-wrenching. The relationship between him and Quill was integral to the plots of both Guardians movies. His redemption, and the recognition of it by the other Ravagers is a great way to cap off Guardians 2. It’s a beautifully rendered scene and Cat Stevens is played over it (a tearjerker for myself every damn time). It’s one of the best character send-offs in any Marvel movie.

I’m not sure we’ll see the Ravagers appear in Infinity War but I do hope for more great send-offs. I have a feeling we’ll be saying goodbye to at least one of our heroes and I want it to be a proper farewell.