Marvel Cinematic Universe: Top 25 moments of all time

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8. Captain America: Civil War – Spidey Joins the Fight

After five films with Sony, Spider-Man finally found his way to Marvel Studios. I think most fans were excited to see the Wall-Crawler return to the greater Marvel Universe where he belongs. Spider-Man was an especially important character in Mark Millar’s Civil War, and while this wasn’t the most faithful adaption, it did feel right to have Spidey in the mix. His powers and his dialogue really made for a refreshing dynamic for the Airport Fight, and his involvement with Tony Stark has made for an interesting development of his character.

Civil War would have had a completely different feel without Spider-Man, and I think the movie would not have been received as well if he wasn’t in it. Sure the overarching plot would have been the same but Spider-Man’s web-slinging ways made the fight sequence better. It also gave a reprieve from all the dark undertones.

It was certainly one of the most exciting twists Marvel has provided audiences in the MCU, and it really has set an anything can happen atmosphere. The speculation for Infinity War and future phases are now wild because studios have shown they can cooperate.