Marvel Cinematic Universe: Top 25 moments of all time

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24. Avengers – Black Widow’s Reverse Interrogation

While there’s no shortage of strong female characters in the first 3 phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is a serious drought of female-led movies. Characters like Peggy Carter, Pepper Pots, and Jane Foster can be found leading the charge in their own way during Phase 1 but they are limited in their roles. There is another character who got a little more time to shine. Black Widow first appeared in Iron Man 2, and would show up again in the first Avengers film. It was here that Natasha Romanov would get audiences stirring.

Black Widow had her share of great moments in the first big team-up, but none that was so ripe for a solo flick then the interrogation scene. Black Widow is strapped to a chair, apparently being beaten for information. It seems that the Russian goons are working her over good when she gets a phone call. It is here that she reveals that she’s been in control of the situation the whole time. When Fury tells Widow that she’s needed, she springs into action and effectively mops the floor with the goons.

With such a strong showing, it’s not hard to see why so many people were ready for a Black Widow vehicle for Scarlett Johansson to really stretch her legs with. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get a Black Widow movie in Phase 4, or even more enticing, a female Avengers feature.