Marvel Cinematic Universe: Top 25 moments of all time

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22.  Avengers: Age of Ultron – A Vision is Born

There is surely great debate regarding the Vision’s introduction into the MCU. In Age of Ultron, Vision is designed by Ultron but is ultimately brought to life when Thor blasts his incubator with lightning. He is originally created by Ultron in the comics but it is without the use of an Infinity Stone, and does not see Vision picking up Mjolnir.

Of course this was controversial with the more hardcore fans, but Vision’s inclusion is clearly key to the larger game plan. The Stone itself is definitely going to come into play, and that was clear before the Infinity War trailers started featuring Thanos ripping it out of Vision’s head.

All that said, the real value of the Vision joining the Avengers is, he’s the only hero that’s more sentiment machine than man. Vision’s role going forward will be interesting should he survive Infinity War. There is potential in material for him learning to deal with humanity from the more sterile perspective of artificial intelligence. I’m also very curious to see how they translate Vision’s relationship with the Scarlet Witch to the movies. I was also very happy that Paul Bethany survived the transition from JARVIS to Vision.