Marvel Cinematic Universe: Top 25 moments of all time

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20. Black Panther – A Walk with Ancestors

Black Panther’s release this year was a triumph for the MCU. It was the first solo Marvel film to be lead by a person of color, and it was a celebration of people and culture. It also joins films like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange in a group of films that begins to change the nature of the Marvel Universe by the virtue of its revelations. Ant-Man has shrinking abilities and the Subatomic Universe, Doctor Strange has magic and the Dark Dimension, and now Black Panther has Vibranium, Wakanda and the Necropolis.

The Necropolis may not be as vast as the Subatomic Universe or the Dark Dimension, but it does add a very spiritual layer to the worlds we have learned to love. No other hero has been able to interact with his predecessors the way that T’Challa can thank the heart-shaped fruit. Killmonger also accessed the Necropolis when he ingested the fruit. It allows for a layer of reflection unique to a character and his background.

The visuals are beautiful, but do not suffocate the emotions being conveyed, they enhance it. I doubt it will be used to expand the Marvel Universe in a major way, but its inclusion is important for the character of Black Panther and the future of his stories.