Marvel Cinematic Universe: Top 25 moments of all time

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19. Captain America: Winter Soldier – Baltroc Fight

Captain America: Winter Soldier is easily one of the better films in the whole of the MCU. It has a well-drawn plot, invigorating fight scenes, and great character work as well as acting. It does a service to longtime Captain America fans, as well as new audience members just joining the MCU. The beginning of the movie features a stealth mission that Captain America is conducting with SHIELD. While working to rescue SHIELD agents, Cap comes across a foe named Baltroc.

Baltroc the Leaper is a classic Marvel villain, one without powers, but still capable of giving the likes of Cap a headache. There is a brief exchange of words between the two, with Baltroc challenging Cap to fight without his shield.

Ever chivalrous, Captain America drops his shield and puts a hurting on the antagonistic Frenchman. It isn’t world-changing, it doesn’t change the tone of the character or his mission, but it is just an all-around fun moment. It’s smaller, almost inconsequential bits like these that really help fill out the MCU. It helps round out the character of Captain America, and Chris Evans and Georges St. Pierre play the scene out superbly.