Marvel Cinematic Universe: 5 most important deaths

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3. Henry “Pop” Hunter

Henry “Pop” Hunter was one of the most well known people in Harlem. Everyone from the regular everyday person to the cops (Misty Knight) and gangsters respected him. When rival crews had issues, they could go to Pops’ Barber Shop and have a talk without the fear of being attacked or killed. He’s also known for helping out people in need. When Luke Cage needed a job, Pops gave him one. He also encouraged Luke to use his powers to help people.

How did this affect the MCU?

It wasn’t until Pops died that Luke Cage started to use his powers to help people. Pops had a quote, “Never backward, always forward. Always.” and these were his last words to Luke as he died in his arms. If Pops never died, Luke would have tried to live a normal life. Also, Luke was instrumental in helping Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones stop the Hand. Who knows what New York would have looked like if Luke didn’t step up and be the hero we knew he could be. This may not have been a moment that affected the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, but it influenced the direction of all the Netflix series.