Marvel Cinematic Universe: 5 most important deaths

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2. Odin

The All-Father Odin Borson ruled Asgard longer than humans have been civilized beings. He was there at the beginning and we assumed he’d be there in the end. And why not? He’s one of the most powerful beings in the universe. As Marvel has proven, nobody is unbeatable and everyone is vulnerable to death.

In Thor: Ragnarok Odin died leaving Thor and Loki a warning about his daughter Hela. A sister they didn’t know they had. Hela was Odin’s most powerful weapon. She actually wielded Thor’s hammer before Thor was born. Odin dying changed the path of Thor and Asgard forever.

How did this affect the MCU?

Within seconds of Odin dying, Hela came in and made her presence known. She destroyed Thor’s hammer and killed almost every Asgardian that didn’t obey her. If Odin hadn’t died, Thor might have been able to defeat if not delay the rise of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Maybe, if Thanos tried to invade Asgard at full strength they would have stopped Thanos’ minions including the Black Order. Odin’s power is beyond measure and with Thor by his side with his hammer, Thanos loses this fight and we don’t have Avengers: Infinity War.