Marvel Cinematic Universe: 5 most important deaths

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1. Gamora

Gamora is Thanos’ favorite daughter. Thanos says that he saved her, Gamora will tell you that he stole her. Both of them are right. Thanos saw something in her. He saw a warrior that he could train to be the best. Thanos was right. Gamora became the deadliest woman in the galaxy. Although, Gamora is right because Thanos killed half of the people on her home planet including her mother and took raised her without anyone’s consent.

Gamora grew up to hate her adopted father and everything he stood for. Gamora jumped at the opportunity to take the Power Stone from Thanos. In Avengers Infinity War, it looked like Thanos was going to gain the Soul Stone. When Red Skull told him he could only get it by giving up what he loved, Gamora laughed. What could a murderer like Thanos possibly love? Thanos loved Gamora. He shed a tear as he threw her to her death. It cost him what he loved

How did this affect the MCU?

Without Gamora’s death, Thanos wouldn’t have gotten the Soul Stone. There isn’t anything in the universe that Thanos loved. Fate brought Thanos him and Gamora together. She was lucky she wasn’t among the beings that were killed. Gamora’s death is the death that made it possible for Thanos to achieve his goal of destroying half of the universe.

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Marvel even showed Gamora’s broken body at the bottom of the cliff. Her death had more influence than any death in the MCU. Even more so than Vision’s death. Vision’s demise was important, but it didn’t have the emotional attachment that Gamora’s did.