Spider-Man: A Miles Morales movie is worth being patient for

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The danger of rushing

One of the biggest complaints with the DC Comics movie universe is that the movies seemed rushed. Justice League had all of these amazing characters and at times it seemed jumbled and forced. Two of the characters that shined were Superman and Wonder Woman. For Superman,  this was his third movie and there was no need to tell his origin story again.

The same can be said for Wonder Woman. Instead of spending a lot of time talking about her beginning in this movie, that was saved for her solo movie. Maybe if Justice League was two parts things may have been put together better.

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Miles is too good of a character to fall victim to a rushed origin and a sub-par movie. Even when he was introduced in the comic book, it was a quick few pages to build up anticipation. Later, Miles had his own solo comic book and his story was told in a perfect way. As much as I want to see Miles Morales in a movie, I’m more than happy to wait for the timing to be right. When he hits the movie scene, fans are going to fall in love with him.