Happy Mother’s Day: Marvel’s greatest mothers

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Looking back at some of Marvel’s greatest mothers on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a day where we salute all of the mothers of the world. They’re the more nurturing and loving of the parents. This is no different in comic books. Martha Kent is a perfect example. Despite Kal-El not being from this planet and him having powers, she cared for him like he was her own. Her love is the reason why Clark Kent became one of the greatest heroes in all of comic books. She also may be the most notable mother in comics. Marvel Comics has their share of great mothers as well. Here are the four of the best and very different mothers in Marvel Comics.

Emily Preston

Son: Jeff Preston

Adopted daughter: Eleanor Camacho

Emily Preston balanced the life of a family woman and the high-stress life of being a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent. Like everyone that gets close to Deadpool, Preston ended up getting hurt. Actually, she was killed. Luckily, her mind was transported to Deadpool’s mind before her soul could move on to the afterlife. Later, Preston’s mind was transferred to a Life Model Decoy (LMD). She then went back to her life of being a wife and mother to her son Jeff. What Preston didn’t expect was bringing in Deadpool’s daughter Ellie and raising her like her own.

Deadpool means well, but he couldn’t be a good father. He’s mentally unstable and can’t help but making bad and impulsive decisions. Preston took Ellie in and they ended up loving each other. Ellie had tendencies to be as goofy and irritable as her father, but Preston was always patient with her. Because of this, Ellie ended up becoming tough like her dad, but smart like Preston. She may not be Ellie’s real mother, but she sure enough treats Ellie like it.