Happy Mother’s Day: Marvel’s greatest mothers

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Ultimate May Parker

Nephew: Peter Parker

Took in: Bobby Drake (Iceman), Johnny Storm (Human Torch), Gwen Stacy

The Peter Parker of the Ultimate has one of the worst childhoods since Logan. His parents mysteriously die and Peter later inadvertently causes the death of his Uncle Ben. Luckily, his aunt May Parker stepped in and raised him. His Aunt wasn’t a frail woman. She was strong, independent, and instead of complaining about money, she went and got a job.

May didn’t take any backtalk or shenanigans from Peter. She made it a point to put her foot down when it was needed all while letting Peter stay independent. May was only Peter’s aunt in title. There have been multiple occasions where Peter has referred to her as his mom and him as her son. The most honorable part was when she took in a some of Peter’s friends when they were down on their luck.

First, she took Gwen Stacy after her father John Stacy (George Stacy in the 616 universe) dies. After Johnny Storm’s father died during Ultimatum, he kinda drifted for months and ended up on Peter’s doorstep. May took him in because he needed more structure in his life. Lastly, she took in Bobby Drake after his parents abandoned him for being a mutant. May Parker opened the doors for so many kids because of her motherly instinct. Of all the parents in comic books, none of them has a bigger heart than May Parker.