Happy Mother’s Day: Marvel’s greatest mothers

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Jessica Jones

Daughter: Danielle Cage

Jessica Jones had what every great superhero had; a messed up life. It also made Jessica a great mother. Jessica’s biological parents were killed in the same car accident that gave Jessica her powers. Her adopted mother was a bit overbearing, but she cared for Jessica like she was her own daughter. Between being mind controlled by a sociopath, put in a coma again, and becoming an alcoholic, you’d assume Jessica would have become a villain. Instead, Jessica became a hero. And for a woman who seemed to not want a child, she became a great mother.

Jessica Jones always believed that her daughter came first. Sometimes it interfered with her and husband Luke Cage’s relationship, but she understood what it meant to be a mom.  If not for her standing up, Luke may not have left the Avengers. As noble as it being an Avenger was, living in Avengers Mansion put their daughter’s life in danger. Danielle’s life is just starting, but Jessica has proven time and time again to care about her daughter like every mother should. Jessica still puts her daughter above everything else no matter what.