X-Men Gold: The best Marvel comic book out

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

It’s a fun book

Lastly, the book is entertaining. Some comic books are too dark and dreary. A one-dimensional comic isn’t going to reach multiple audiences. X-Men Gold has all of the random jokes, and action that fans have always loved. Logan is still cutting people up and making quips, Nightcrawler remained a jokester. In fact, Nightcrawler was way too excited to throw Colossus a bachelor party. There was also was still a ton of collateral damage. In the first issue had a giant building collapse. The comedy and the action has gone hand in hand. That said, there is also romance the romantic stories as well.

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Every time I buy this book, I’m happy. $3.99 or more isn’t something that people spend lightly, but it’s a purchase I’m happy to consistently make. Even when I go a few months without purchasing the series, I get filled with joy knowing that I don’t have to wait a month to find out what happens in the next issue. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the X-Men or comic books, X-Men Gold is a must-have in your collection.