The Batman: 5 potential characters for Andy Serkis to play

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Credit: DC Comics

1. Hugo Strange

Go to social media like Facebook or Twitter and you will find a huge demand for this right now. Why? I do not know exactly. Some are arguing that to continue to do these motion-capture roles for Andy Serkis is tantamount to type casting. Perhaps they have a point. We do have Ulysses Klaue in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. By this fact, there is no reason we cannot do the same in the DCEU.

The character has seen something of a resurgence due to B.D. Wong’s portrayal in Gotham Season Two. Plus, like many of these other characters he too has not come to the big screen yet. We’ve had some films with the villain knowing the secret identity of Batman. With Hugo Strange this is the pinnacle of the character though. Imagine an entire plot of the film circling this entire notion. Again, a detective driven story, but this time reversed in a sense. Now the hero has to cover up the case.

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Right now this is only speculation on our end. Yet, we still no little of Matt Reeves future Batman project. Plus, it is not uncommon for directors to bring back actors they previously worked with. One can say there is a chance we may get Andy Serkis for The Batman, getting one of these roles though, who knows.