Deadpool 2’s X-Force members, um…ranked?

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Credit: 20th Century Fox/Marvel Entertainment; from Deadpool 2 (2018)

8. Shatterstar

A word of advice to any of you would-be superheroes. When interviewed for a spot on a team, and the question “What are your super powers?” comes up, don’t answer with, “I’m basically better than you at everything.” You’ll instantly brand yourself as a tool. That’s exactly the first mistake Rusty, a.k.a. Shatterstar (Lewis Tan) made.

Of course, it wouldn’t be so bad if this sword-wielding, maroon-haired, half-alien from the Mojoverse with a penchant for white and half-helmets could actually back up his boast. Instead, he proved the exact opposite, or least that the one thing he sucked at was skydiving. Thanks to some high winds, poor maneuvering skills, and his long, flowing hair blowing in his face, Shatterstar drifted himself into the path of a helicopter, which turned him into so much green goop. But hey! At least he did a comic book style pose on his way down, right?

7. Bedlam

Now when you first think of someone who can disrupt electrical fields, and they cause light bulbs to flicker, you might think, “So?” Then when you realize, as Bedlam (Terry Crews) elaborates, this person is essentially a living EMP bomb, who can also “short-circuit” the bio-electricity of your central nervous system, then they’re arguably one the deadliest mutants on the planet.

Too bad Bedlam doesn’t get the chance to show what his powers are really capable of. Not only is he the first member of X-Force to die, his death isn’t even all that spectacular. Parachuting himself down into the path of an oncoming bus? Really? At least there was still a body left for the paramedics to cart away.

6. Zeitgeist

Just like Deadpool, I don’t know why a guy who vomits acid calls himself Zeitgeist (Bill Skarsgård) either. Then again, the very fact this obscure character was in the movie should have clued me in as to the first X-Force’s ultimate fate. After all, Zeitgeist’s first and only appearance was X-Force #116. In that issue, he was part of a brand-new, more media-friendly version of X-Force. He, along with each one of his teammates, except two, died horrible, gruesome deaths.

In other words, the addition of Zeitgeist on this version of X-Force was, in and of itself, foreshadowing. That’s one reason why he’s not at the bottom. The other is that we actually do see his powers in action. Of course, it’s in reaction to his being mulched by a wood chipper and inadvertently killing one of his own teammates. Come to think of it, why didn’t his barf destroy the wood chipper, too?