Deadpool 2’s X-Force members, um…ranked?

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Credit: 20th Century Fox/Marvel Entertainment; from Deadpool 2 (2018)

5. The Vanisher

Or should I say Brad Pitt?! That alone is enough to catapult this invisible mutant up several spots. The only reason he isn’t higher is because he (literally) didn’t have enough screen time, or even any dialogue. The only time we do see him is when he’s electrocuted after landing into some power lines. Oh, and here’s a fun fact: Brad Pitt almost landed the role of Cable. If he had, then we wouldn’t have had one of Deadpool 2‘s many surprising and hilarious cameo appearances.

4. Peter

Why is this ordinary, slightly out-of-shape suburbanite with no super powers (Rob Delaney) the fourth best member of X-Force? I could say it’s simply because, like Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds, he knows how to rock a mustache. Or it could be because, prior to his death by Zeitgeist’s acid, he’s the only true hero of the team.

Think about it. During his interview, he’s completely honest and forthcoming about his lack of powers. He’s the first to point out to Deadpool about the dangerously high winds right before their disastrous skydive. Aside from one other member, he’s the only one who makes a perfect landing despite having never jumping out of a plane before. Finally, he also risks his own personal safety to try to save a teammate. No wonder Deadpool, during the mid-credits scenes, travels back in time to save him.

3. Dopinder

Okay, technically he wasn’t really a member until the end. But hey, if Deadpool can be an “X-Men trainee,” why can’t Dopinder (Karan Soni) be an “X-Force trainee”? After all, this cab-driver/assistant bartender/rookie assassin has come a long way since the first Deadpool.  Whereas he was a static character and comic relief in the first film, Dopinder undergoes an actual character arc in the sequel.

In his very first scene, he’s listening to self-help guru and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, thus establishing early on that Dopinder want to improve himself and follow his dreams. Granted, wanting to become an assassin like Deadpool is a very questionable goal, but it’s a goal nevertheless. That he’s willing to put with taking orders from Weasel, told he can’t join X-Force because he doesn’t have powers (even though Peter, who doesn’t have powers gets accepted), and remains loyal to Deadpool says a lot about him as a friend.

He also does what the other characters fail to do, in that he kills the corrupt, abusive and zealous principal of the Mutant Reeducation Center (Eddie Marsan). In fairness, he did use his cab, and the other characters felt killing him wasn’t worth it. But hey, at least it was enough to earn his place on the team.