The Flash: 4 predictions for the season 4 finale

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The season 4 finale of The Flash has almost arrived. Before it airs, check out some predictions we have for the season’s explosive ending.

This past year, we have all watched as Barry Allen struggled to overcome the threat of Clifford DeVoe. For the first time on The Flash, the team haven’t been up against an evil speedster and, instead, are faced with the fastest mind alive. The Thinker has managed to outwit and out-think the Scarlet Speedster at every turn in their year-long race. But the finish line is in sight, as the season finale “We Are The Flash” is almost upon us.

Since so much has happened throughout the season, it’s really hard to anticipate what could be coming next. But as the show has taught us before, anything can happen in Central City. With that in mind, let’s take a look at our four predictions for the Season 4 finale of The Flash.

4. Marlize will return to stop DeVoe

Clifford DeVoe may have been the Big Bad of The Flash season 4, but he didn’t get there alone. In fact, the majority of his plans would not have succeeded if it weren’t for his devoted (and brilliant) wife, Marlize. Also known as The Mechanic, Marlize aided Clifford throughout his ailing days (when his body deteriorated because of his Thinking Cap), nursed him back to health and provided him with a technologically-advanced chair to sustain his body as he realized his ultimate goal.

However, after finally becoming The Thinker, DeVoe began to lose all compassion. And his inhuman behavior (not to mention his complete lack of respect for his wife) pushed Marlize away. The once-doting wife had enough and used her husband’s own futuristic chair to shield herself as she left him once and for all.

Clifford may have the knowledge, but Marlize still has her humanity. So, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that she doesn’t want The Enlightenment to take place. And as Iris pleaded with her last week, it seems like Mrs. DeVoe could end up playing a vital role in the final battle against The Thinker. Nobody knows him better than Marlize, and as she so aptly reminded him: He is nothing without her. Can she convince him of that one more time in order to save the world from The Enlightenment?