Arrow: 5 major questions we have after season 6 finale

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Arrow’s Season 6 finale left a lasting impact on the show. But it left us with a lot of questions regarding the show’s future.

The sixth season of Arrow may have been started out a little hit-and-miss, but took things up a notch during the latter half. Turning in some of the show’s strongest episodes in recent memory, the Arrowverse originator effectively set the stage as it built towards its heart-racing conclusion. With Oliver’s trial, Diaz’s takeover, Black Siren’s redemption and Team Arrow’s eventual reunion, it’s safe to say the show had a lot going on. But it all culminated in the explosive Season 6 finale. However, this finale, titled “Life Sentence” also gave us a lot to think about, especially regarding Season 7.

Although a rooftop battle between Oliver Queen and Ricardo Diaz for the soul of Star City may seem like the perfect ending for this story, it was only the beginning of what’s to come. Granted, the finale did provide us with some much-needed closure to certain storylines, but it left us with a lot more questions than answers.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the resounding questions we’re left with after Arrow’s Season 6 finale (Warning: Spoilers for the season finale ahead).

1. How will Arrow move on without Quentin Lance?

The season finale’s most heartbreaking moment was undoubtedly the death of Quentin Lance. The Mayor of Star City sacrificed himself for his Earth-2 daughter, Laurel/Black Siren – taking a gunshot wound that would eventually prove to be fatal. Although there was initial hope, the episode’s closing moments crushed our dreams as Dr. Schwartz announced the death of our beloved Quentin. It was an emotional moment that hit everyone hard. But it wasn’t just Sara, Laurel and the team that were broken by this news, it was us viewers too.

Since Arrow began back in 2012, there has been one character at the heart of the story — and I’m not talking about Oliver Queen. While the show is indeed the Green Arrow’s story, Quentin Lance was Arrow’s guiding light — its moral compass. When things were going wrong, or somebody just needed some advice, Quentin was always there for them. He was Star City’s constant, it’s rock.  And his absence has left the show with a giant hole that can never be filled. It’s because of this, we are left wondering: how can Arrow possibly move on without him?

While Black Siren will undoubtedly look to avenge his death, and the return of Roy Harper will bring back another semi-original cast member, Quentin’s death will have a lasting impact on the show. With Moira, Malcolm and Walter all gone, Quentin was the last original parental figure left on the show. But now, for the first time, we move into an era where the characters can’t turn to him for advice. And quite frankly, Arrow will never be the same again.