Arrow: 5 major questions we have after season 6 finale

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5. How will Oliver get out of this one?

Oliver has had a pretty rough ride this year. His city was terrorized by two Big Bads, his team fell apart and he lost his position as Star City’s mayor. But one thing that has haunted him all season was the FBI investigation into the Green Arrow’s vigilante activities. And that came full-circle in the season finale when Agent Watson helped Oliver take back the city. In return for her help, Oliver agreed to hand himself over to the FBI (in exchange for his team/family’s immunity). He was then escorted to a super-maximum security prison where he’s due to spend his life behind bars. And this shocking cliffhanger left us wondering: How on earth will he get out of this one?

A rumor had surfaced earlier this year suggesting that part of Season 7 would adapt the unused film script Green Arrow: Escape From Super Max — and the episode’s closing moments seem to have confirmed this. Thus, it appears that Oliver will spend the early part of next season behind bars. Trapped with criminals, how will he manage to survive? And just what could possibly allow him to escape from the facility?

Remember, there is no escaping this reality. He didn’t just allow himself to be prosecuted, he admitted his true identity to the public. The world now knows that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. For a show about a man that ends up stranded on an uncharted island, the term “uncharted” may seem a little on-the-nose, but this is very much uncharted territory for the show. While we know that he will inevitably be freed, his life will be changed forever. Every bad guy he now faces will know his true identity and thus, Felicity and William will need extra protection.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Oliver’s public admission will undoubtedly change the way he operates, but before he can worry about that, he must escape from the Super Max. The only question is: How?

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Arrow‘s Season 6 finale definitely left us with a lot to think about. Did it leave you with some unanswered questions too? Let us know in the comments section below!