Lucifer season 3 review: The final two episodes

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Azrael, the Angel of Death

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What a revelation! Last time we heard of Azrael was when Lucifer used her dagger to kill Uriel, who was trying to hurt Chloe. At first, “Boo Normal” makes it seem as if the ghost has nothing to do with Lucifer’s divine nature since Ella and Lucifer conveniently meet only once the entire time. This short encounter with Ella, though, is enough for Lucifer to realize that his angelic sister has come down from Heaven.

This is entirely unbeknownst to Ella, though, as she only thinks of Azrael as her ghost/guardian angel. What it proves is that Ella is in fact special, as was mentioned by Azrael. Lucifer initially didn’t take Azrael’s explanation for being with Ella lightly, as it was by her machinations that Lucifer and Ella met in Los Angeles. That reminded him about “dad” and his own plan.

It was a beautiful revelation, though, and one that looked as if it was going to be further explored in a fourth season. There are many roads the show can take given the variety of supernatural aspects it has already introduced. Even more, there’s still a lot Lucifer hasn’t borrowed from the comics. It’s too bad it’s already too late, unless of course, the show is picked up by a new network or streaming service.