Lucifer season 3 review: The final two episodes

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Once Upon A Time

After “Boo Normal,” the two-hour special continues with “Once Upon A Time.” Here, we open with God narrating the story. He starts by saying that it’s funny how one simple thing can change everything. In this episode, the simple thing he changed was the direction of the bullet that killed Chloe’s father in the original timeline.

Just by moving the bullet a mere degree away from its intended target, God made it so Chloe’s father didn’t die. In effect, Chloe never became a cop and instead continued her career as an actress. Ella still moved to Los Angeles, but instead of becoming a forensic scientist, she started a career as a secret underground car mechanic.

Dan never married Chloe, so Trixie was never born. At the same time he continued being a corrupt cop. Even Linda was affected since she now was the star of a Dr. Phil-esque reality TV show. Nonetheless, as God narrated, some people have it within them to still find a way to make the same choices.

Even though in this timeline Lucifer didn’t join the LAPD and Chloe never gave up her acting career, the two of them managed to work together in a case involving a murder.