The Flash: Major questions we have after the season 4 finale

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5. Will Ralph Dibny stick around for Season 5?

While this season of The Flash saw Iris take over as the leader of Team Flash, we were also introduced to a brand new hero. Crooked PI Ralph Dibny inadvertently found himself with the ability to stretch beyond what was humanly possible. Despite Barry’s differences with him, Team Flash took Dibny under their wing. Although it wasn’t a seamless transition, Ralph began a journey to becoming Central City’s newest hero. And when Barry was wrongfully imprisoned, the Elongated Man was born.

However, Ralph’s powers made him DeVoe’s primary target, with The Thinker eventually taking over his body. While we thought Ralph had perished, the season finale revealed that he was actually just trapped in DeVoe’s mind. So, with Barry’s help, he was able to reclaim his body and overcome the villain. And now, Elongated Man is once again a member of Team Flash.

With Season 4 now behind us, we are left wondering if Ralph will stick around next season. Even though actor Hartley Sawyer was a recurring star, there were plenty of Ralph-centric episodes. But with Ralph officially back, could we see Sawyer promoted to a series regular position next year? With the mid-season departure of Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West (to Legends of Tomorrow) and the likely departure of Neil Sandilands’s DeVoe, there are two series regular positions waiting to be filled. So, will our favorite Elongated superhero stretch his way onto our screens full-time next season?

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The Flash is currently on hiatus and will return to The CW in October. What questions do you have for the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments below!