Avengers 4 concept art: Breaking down the new lineup of heroes

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Perhaps the most interesting takeaway from this Avengers 4 promo art is the fact that we may see Professor Hulk. The Hulk doesn’t look as angry and is standing straighter than he usually does. Also, he is wearing a grey and purple stretchy suit that looks like it was made with either Stark or Wakandan tech.

In the comics, Professor Hulk is a separate personality that is basically the physical strength of the Hulk combined with the mind of Bruce Banner. This would be a really creative direction to bring the Hulk’s character in. Also, it would be a great conclusion to the 4-film story arc that revolves around the power struggle between Hulk and Banner. The new suit looks a bit awkward in this promo art, but it will most likely look better in action.

Black Widow

For such a simple costume, Marvel manages to switch up the look of Black Widow’s character with every movie. This time around, Natasha has switched back to her emblematic red hair along with an all-black suit. With the universe’s fate at stake, she doesn’t really need to worry about hiding out from the government anymore.

War Machine

While many of the B-line Avengers didn’t make it past Thanos’ snap, War Machine is still alive and will be fighting against Thanos in the upcoming blockbuster. If Marvel planned on using James Rhodes past Avengers 4, they probably wouldn’t have made him a survivor. So, yeah, War Machine probably won’t make it through the end of Avengers 4.

Given that, Marvel isn’t going to kill off our favorite military man without giving him some final standout moments. In the promo art, War Machine’s armor is a lot bulkier and is equipped with an advanced shoulder-weapon. I wouldn’t put it past Marvel to give Rhodey some nano-tech to play with as it would give him an upper hand on the Mad Titan.

Rocket Raccoon and Nebula

The only two Guardians of the Galaxy that survived Avengers: Infinity War was Rocket Raccoon and Nebula. Rocket was fighting alongside Thor, Groot and the rest of the Avengers on Wakanda while Nebula was with Tony Stark on Titan. Both of their appearances look practically identical and Rocket isn’t even wielding any sort of weapon. We’ll just have to wait to see how these two unlikely characters will work alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.