DCEU’s Birds of Prey: What introducing the Black Canary means

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Credit: DC Comics

Introducing Black Canary gives the green light to the Green Arrow

One of the most iconic relationships in comics if Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance. So why not make it so in the DCEU. With Black Canary making her big screen debut, Green Arrow should soon follow. While their relationship wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, they are still one hell of a power couple. Fans of Green Arrow have been anticipating the day we’d see the Emerald Archer on the big screen. It would be great to see the island story told in the DCEU.

There’s no reason not to have Black Canary and Green Arrow working side by side. In fact, it was Dinah and Oliver who formed Justice League of America that included Aquaman, Flash, and Green Lantern. Seeing a true depiction of Oliver Queen on the big screen could happen, thanks to Black Canary.

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The inclusion of Black Canary in Birds of Prey warrants excitement. As we are eagerly anticipate seeing Black Canary in the DECU. We can’t help but wonder what it will mean for DC’s Extended Universe.