Marvel: Who is Multiple Man and why you should be excited he’s back

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

More than just a bunch of guys

A common misconception is that Multiple Man is just a bunch of guys. That’s only part of the story. Madrox started sending his dupes all over the world to learn various things. These skilled varied. He learned languages, medical skills, and fighting styles. There was even a dupe who spent time on the set of Supernatural and it helped when they were facing supernatural beings in X-Factor:  Super Unnatural.

People have looked at him as boring for way too long. The casual fan doesn’t realize how skilled he really he is. One of smartest things Madrox did was send one of his dupes to study with Shaolin Monks.

This “Kwai Chang” dupe learned a lot of things about being your own light, and the teaching gave Multiple Man the skill to absorb his dupes from a distance. No longer would he have physically pull them in. This ability came in handy a lot when he had to save his dupes from dying or running away from him. That teaching also came with some handy fighting skill. Something he obviously needed being a hero and detective. Especially when you can literally be a one-man team and never need to call anyone for help when you have the answer.