Marvel: Who is Multiple Man and why you should be excited he’s back

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Smart and indecisive

We’ve discussed his powers, but what about his personality? Well, Madrox Prime’s personality at least. Because of Multiple Man’s powers, he tends to be very indecisive. He’s stated that it’s hard to make a decision when you can go in all of them. This leads to Madrox doing things like not knowing if he wants to go out or stay home. So he sends a dupe out to have fun for him. After he absorbs them, he gains their experiences. This leaves Madrox’s memory hazy and not knowing what memories are his and what are his dupes.

Since Madrox was the leader of X-Factor, this meant he had to make a lot of decisions. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t know what to do because he was afraid of making the wrong choice. You’d think this hesitation meant he was a terrible leader. Well, you’d be right. Thankfully, he had Layla Miller to help him along the way. However, there were times when Madrox had to put his foot down and make decisions. It wasn’t always the popular decision and sometimes he wouldn’t tell his teammates what he was doing, but they worked out. Madrox is probably the dumbest smart guy in Marvel Comics.