Marvel: Who is Multiple Man and why you should be excited he’s back

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Why his resurrection isn’t weird

One things that annoys people are characters coming back from the dead. Especially when the reason makes no sense or involves clones. With Multiple Man, the reason can be explained in a previous X-Factor series called They Keep Killing Madrox. During this arc, Madrox was killed by Bloodbath in X-Factor: Super Unnatural. After he was killed, Marox jumped from one reality to the next after one of the Madrox primes of that reality was killed. Another fun fact is that two of the other realities had dupes that had powers after they were created.

Considering we don’t exactly where Madrox’s dupes are coming from and Madrox doesn’t even know what he is. In X-Factor we find out that Madrox isn’t technically a mutant. There are infinite realities in the Marvel universe and who knows if Madrox’s are technically immortal.  It’s possible that they never actually die and just move from one reality to the next.

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Maybe that’s why his dupes are so unpredictable. Maybe they go crazy from moving from reality to reality. Or maybe the personalities are the primes from their home worlds. Regardless of the reason, I have complete faith that writer Matthew Rosenberg is going to give the readers a brilliant reason why and how the Multiple Man has returned.