Wonder Woman 1984: How the hell is Steve Trevor alive?

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The “safe” theories

There are a handful of easy ways for Wonder Woman to treat Steve Trevor’s return, as well, including popular theories that can somewhat skate around “Steve is dead, but he’s not dead.” He can live on in some way, shape or form, and two possibilities seem realistic.

It’s only a vision

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One of the safer theories, this could only be a vision of Diana Prince’s. She may have these “daydreams” of Steve in the present day, someone she misses and reminisces over.

The idea could be for Steve to act as Diana’s “conscience.” She’s the only one who sees him, providing advice and guidance against Cheetah and whoever else appears in the sequel. Maybe that’s why Steve’s facial expression in Patty Jenkins’s photo makes him appear lost or confused at his surroundings.

Steve looks out of place in that image, with a glance to his left in the midst of people minding their own business around him. It’s hardly 1914-1918, so there are bound to be some head-scratching things for him to see.

It’s Steve Trevor’s grandson

It’s roughly 66 years after Steve Trevor’s death, but genes can live on through children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and the others that follow. With multiple generations passed, this could be Steve’s grandson, just one that looks identical to him.

Trevor never noted a kid of his in Wonder Woman, but that’s always an element the sequel can tinker with. Maybe he divorced a woman that already had a child, who then had a son, who’s alive in 1984, however many years later.

Would Diana fall in love with the grandchild of Steve Trevor? Crazier things have happened in movies. If not, he could be along for the ride on Wonder Woman’s latest mission.