Marvel characters that represent gay pride

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

In the midst of Gay Pride month, let’s look at the characters that represent this in Marvel Comics.

Comic books have always tried to be ahead of the curve when it comes to equality. Things haven’t been perfect, but the effort is definitely there. Over the last couple of decades, comic book companies have made it a point to make sure that the gay community is well represented. Characters like America Chavez, Wiccan, Hulkling, Kathy Kane, Renee Montoya, and so many others have been out and proud for years without being used as a marketing ploy to sell comics.

Since June is Gay Pride month, let’s show some love to some Marvel characters that represent Gay Pride. What we have here are five different characters who are examples of how Marvel Comics has shown different sides of gay pride. From romantic relationships, coming out to friends and family, and keeping their secret hidden for years.

Wolverine and Hercules (Earth-12025)

Marvel Comics has an infinite number of realities. These realities vary from small changes from the regular Marvel 616 Universe to major changes like Xavier being a tyrant and Magneto being a pacifist. In reality 12025, Wolverine and Hercules were two of their realities greatest heroes. After slaying a monster, they confessed their love for each other.

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When Zeus found out his son was consorting with mortals (despite the fact that he’s been doing it), he cast the two of them to the pit of Tartarus. The two fought side by side for four years until they joined up with Dazzler and her reality hopping X-Treme X-Men.

When comic book characters are paired together romantically, sometimes it doesn’t make any sense (looking at you, T’Challa and Storm). This wasn’t the case for  Logan and Hercules. they were both heroic guys that loved to fight, drink, and protect others. They also balanced each other out. Logan is quiet and brooding and Hercules is loud and boisterous. It was funny watching Hercules get Wolverine out of his shell. I love that this wasn’t two characters thrown together to sell comic books. However, it would have been cool to see them together for a more extended period of time.