Marvel characters that represent gay pride

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Jean-Paul “Frenchie” Duchamp

There have been more than a few comic book characters to come out as gay. This was the first one I remember reading and being enamored by it happening.

Jean-Paul “Frenchie” Duchamp was one of Marc Spector’s (Moon Knight) closest friends. He was also the pilot for Moon Knight while he went on patrol. After Marc went off the deep end, the two stopped speaking. After Marc visited Frenchie in his restaurant, he told him the man he meant wasn’t his partner in the business sense. He was his partner as in his lover. Marc was shocked that he never knew, but more hurt that he didn’t tell him. Later, Marc would go to Frenchie in the hospital. Marve met Frenchie’s boyfriend Rob and the two shook hands. Marc would visit Frenchie later and the two became friends again.

I loved this story because of the honesty behind it. Marc wasn’t upset at his friend and former partner for being gay. He was hurt because he didn’t feel Frenchie trusted him with the secret. Eventually, Marc realized that he was wrong for treating him the way he did. Frenchie was his friend and someone he trusted with his life before he came out to him. His lifestyle didn’t change that he cared for his friend and it shouldn’t.

Sometimes people are caught off guard by friends and family coming out, but they remain the same people we know and love. Marc treating Frenchie no different is a perfect example of that.