Review: Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016) #34


Spider-Man and Deadpool are back for one of the best entries in the series yet. With a lot of action and many surprises, we review another great issue that is sure to please fans.

Writer: Robbie Thompson
Artist: Scott Hepburn & Flaviano
Color artist: Ian Herring
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover: Scott Hepburn & Ian Herring

Spider-Man/Deadpool #34 manages to balance character development with action and stakes, which is what a good comic book should do. It starts in one of the best ways possible with Wade Wilson talking to the reader and making fun of an otherwise terrible situation. And while that humor is present for most of the first act, it slowly fades away as the story moves forward.

Things get darker once our heroes realize they find themselves in a doomed future. Even when they give their best to save the day, it ends up being a useless effort. So, what do you do when everything is lost? Go back and change it, of course. Time travel has been a crucial part of the series, with it taking place in the past, present, and future. This allows for a complex story, but also for some confusion along the way. Because of this, things can bet a bit tangled sometimes. Fortunately, Robbie address this in the best way possible which is accepting it may be confusing, and have Deadpool make a joke about it.

The characters

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The Merc With a Mouth really gets to shine here, with him proving to be a three-dimensional character in every way possible. While this is really great, it may feel as if Spider-Man is just a secondary character sometimes. This is understandable, as Wade may be a more “flawed” character than Peter Parker, but it would still be nice if both of them had the same impact on the story.

Action and illustrations

This has to be one of the most action-packed issues in the series. Additionally, the illustrations are really good too. Whether our heroes are fighting against a bunch of Deadpool LMDs, Venoms or other Marvel characters, the panels always look great. Considering Scott Hepburn’s previous work with Spider-Man/Deadpool #32, it’s nice to see him do an incredible and flawless job this time around.

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The story

The story takes place mostly in the future and it manages to keep an amazing pacing. You really get to feel the desperation our heroes are feeling, and the sensation that everything is lost. Surely this is great with many stories trying to achieve the same, but failing along the way.

While Marvel keeps teasing us with the story about Peter’s parents (again), it looks like the next issue will finally tackle this. That’s great, considering the build-up may feel a little too long now.

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Overall, Spider-Man/Deadpool #34 is really great. It has some issues, but none of them are a huge concern. The story is fast-paced, it has a great art direction and Deadpool steals the spotlight in every panel he appears.

. Spider-Man/Deadpool #34. A-. . Robbie Thomson, Scott Hepburn, Flaviano, Ian Herring, VC’s Joe Sabino

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