Marvel Comics characters perfect for Father’s Day

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Luke Cage

When Luke Cage and Jessica Jones hooked up, no one thought their relationship was going to last. It was supposed to be a one night thing. At the end of Alias, Jessica told Luke that she was pregnant with his child and that she wanted to keep it. Luke heard this news and smiled. Luke became a completely different person after that. He even joined the Avengers because he said it would be cool to have his daughter grow up and find out her dad was an Avenger.

When the Marvel Comics Civil War struck the Superhero community, Luke didn’t back down because he didn’t want his daughter to think her dad sold out at the first sign of struggle.

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Luke Cage is a proud father. Everything that he does, he does for his daughter and Jessica. He gave up being the leader of the Avengers was because his lifestyle put Danielle in danger. Standing up in the face of adversity is important because he wants his daughter to grow up and be proud of him. Someone, she can always look up to. Luke hasn’t been a father long in Marvel Comics terms (she’s maybe three years old) but you can already tell Luke is going to be a great dad and protector.