Marvel Comics characters perfect for Father’s Day

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Son: Daken

Wolverine has had one heck of a life. He’s been used by everyone from Weapon X to people he trusted like Professor Xavier (stay tuned for that article). Because of this, Logan tends to be more protective of the people around him. He doesn’t want them to be controlled like he was. Wolverine is protective of the X-Men and especially the children. He wants them to have the opportunity to grow up. This is why he opened the school after splitting from Cyclops (Marvel Comics Schism).

Logan has been like a father to many of the students like Jubilee and Kitty Pryde. However, Logan does have one popular son. His name is Daken. And he is an S.O.B.

The relationship between Logan and Daken didn’t start or end well. Despite that, Logan did everything he could so Daken wouldn’t have all the built up rage and anger he does. Logan even went as far as to try and let Daken kill him so he could get the revenge he needed. Even after Daken tried to kill him multiple times, it wasn’t until Daken threatened the lives of his students that he put him down. It’s a moment Wolverine would never forget.

Now, Daken is back and alive. When Wolverine died, Daken gave him an honorable burial and ceremony. Despite all that they’ve been through, it seems like Daken still cares about his father. It will be interesting to see what happens when they meet up now that Wolverine is alive.