Supergirl: 3 predictions for the season 3 finale

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The curtain is about to close on Supergirl Season 3. But before it does, check out our predictions for the season finale.

Throughout this season of Supergirl, the Girl of Steel has faced a Trinity of Worldkillers, reunited with her lost love Mon-El and discovered that her mother, Alura, is still alive. It may be all in a day’s work for Kara Danvers, but it sure made for some shockingly gripping television. Though if past seasons are anything to go by, the best is yet to come.

With the Season 3 finale almost upon, Kara and the D.E.O. must save the world from impending doom. As this season’s Big Bad, Reign, plummeted into the core of the earth, she set off a chain reaction of tremors that will ultimately turn the planet into Dark Krypton. So, it’s safe to say that the heroes have their work cut out for them. Though the odds are stacked against them, there is always hope. And we can rest assured that Supergirl will come through for the planet one more time.

But the finale isn’t here just yet. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some predictions that we have for the explosive episode.

The Legion will return

About to face the gravest threat that National City has ever faced, Kara undoubtedly needs all the help she can get. And it’s a good thing that her team will be on hand to provide her with such help. With her sister Alex, Mon-El, the D.E.O., J’onn and his father M’yrnn and the surprising return of her mother, Alura, it’s safe to say that Kara has more backup than ever before. But in a situation like this, all help is welcome. Thus, it’s highly likely that the Legion will return to lend a hand.

Being the catalyst that returned Mon-El to the show, The Legion also consists of Imra and the highly-intelligent (and hilariously awkward) Brainiac 5. Having arrived from the future, they made it their mission to stop the Worldkiller known as Pestilence (as she would eventually become the unstoppable Blight). When Pestilence was killed (and her power was absorbed by Reign), they took their leave. But before doing so, Imra told Mon-El to remain behind and figure out his feelings for Kara.

Now that the world is in danger from this greater threat, it would be a great time for Imra and Brainy to make an epic return. Perhaps Reign’s resurrection could have altered the timeline. After all, if the Dark Kryptonians turn the present day Earth into Dark Krypton, it’s highly likely that it will remain that way in the future.

The Legion members were definitely one of Season 3’s strongest attributes. From Brainy’s witty interactions with Winn to Imra’s powerful heroics, they delivered some of the best moments of the season. Moreover, with the earth in peril once more, it would make sense for them to return in the finale. And their unique strengths makes would make them a valuable asset in the fight against Reign.