Supergirl: 3 predictions for the season 3 finale

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M’yrnn will sacrifice himself to save J’onn (and Earth)

One of the season’s more emotional arcs revolved around J’onn discovering that his father, M’yrnn, was still alive only to slowly lose him to a Martian form of dementia. Throughout the past year, the pair have reconnected, catching up on lost time as J’onn integrated his father into society. And it was really touching to watch. But his subsequent memory loss rendered him unable to control his psychic abilities and thus, he was inadvertently launching psychic attacks on everyone around him.

While he has since regained control of his faculties, it is merely the clarity before the end — designed to allow him to perform “The Reach” with his son (transferring his knowledge and memories to J’onn). But they were unable to complete it, thanks to Reign’s destructive plan. And as we saw in the penultimate episode, he volunteered to shapeshift into the Earth’s core and save it from the Worldkiller — even though it will kill him in the process.

Though its unusual for the show to announce M’yrnn’s plan before he executes it, it’s likely that he will sacrifice himself in the finale. The veteran Martian has come through so much and you can rest assured that he will stop at nothing to protect his son’s new home. We should expect to see him make the most of his limited time and do everything in his power to save Earth. And it would be a fitting end for this excellent character.