Supergirl: 3 predictions for the season 3 finale

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Kara and Mon-El will get back together

Mon-El’s heartbreaking departure last season threw his future on the show into uncertainty. But thankfully, he did indeed return for Season 3 — but with a twist. Although he had only been gone for seven months, it was a much longer absence to him. Having gone through a wormhole into the 31st Century, he eventually realized that he would never see Kara again. He then fell for Imra Ardeen and the pair married. But after a lot of confusing time travel, Kara stumbled upon their ship in the present and was overjoyed that Mon-El was “back”. However, she was heartbroken to find out that he was married to someone else.

It didn’t take long for Mon-El’s feelings to resurface. But as he had become a much better man, he never acted on them. Eventually, Imra realized just how torn he was. Realizing that he couldn’t be blamed for his feelings, she gave him the chance to remain behind in the present and figure out his feelings for Kara.

Throughout the season, both Mon-El and Kara have struggled to overcome their feelings for one another. Although there is plenty of cringy “friend” comments, it’s clear that the pair isn’t over each other. So, with the finale upon us, we should expect to see Mon-El finally address those feelings once and for all. And as “Karamel” has been the show’s primary couple for two seasons now, it’s pretty likely that the pair will finally rekindle their romance after saving the world.

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Supergirl‘s Season 3 finale airs this Monday, June 18. Do you think that Kara and her team of heroes will stop Reign’s destruction? Will the Legion help them? Or will M’yrnn commit the ultimate sacrifice for his son? Let us know in the comments section below!