Amazing comic book movies that aren’t Marvel or DC Comics

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30 Days of Night

Publisher: IDW Publishing

When this movie first came out, I had no idea it was a comic book. After finding out it was a comic, it was shocking that this didn’t become a franchise. The 30 Days of Night series has produced around ten trades and could have done more for vampires than True Blood orTwilight could ever do. It combined the allure and classic myths of vampires like their need to stay out of the sun and stay true to their ancient culture. It also had the newer generation of vampire that wanted to do more than just stay hidden.

The movie may not have hit on a lot points like the vampires being silent (they talk a lot in the comics) and the relationship between Eben and Stella, but it hit on all of the major plot-lines. The vampires did go there during their 30 Days of Night, Eben did transform to save the day, and Stella stayed with him until the sun came up. The comic book series has a solid series. If this series was re-booted and followed the comics to the letter it would be amazing.