Amazing comic book movies that aren’t Marvel or DC Comics

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In 2010 the world was introduced to a movie that both glorified the vigilante life, but also showed what could absolutely happen if someone decided to throw on a costume and fight crime. Kick-Ass was also the movie that introduced the world the amazingness that is Chloë Grace Moretz. She came in and just started cursing like a sailor and we all laughed hysterically. She was such great fighter, so her attitude fit the bill.

This was also a movie that fit Nicolas Cage’s acting. He played an aggressive version of Adam West’s Batman. He was all, “Gee Willikers” and corny lines with a wholesome exterior until he and his daughter (Moretz) went in to brutally fight crime. It was funny watching him talk like a family man all while showing his daughter how to use a gun and switchblade.

Kick-Ass follows Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) as he tried to protect the city and do it poorly. On the other end, Hit-Girl (Moretz) and Big Daddy (Cage) were destroying the criminal empire of the man who framed Big Daddy. There was a ton of cursing and violence, but it also had a great story. When you find out that Big-Daddy’s wife committed suicide after he went to jail you can understand why they do what they do. I wouldn’t say this was a cinematic masterpiece or an artsy movie, but it was a great watch. For nothing else, this movie is worth watching because Hit-Girl was brilliant, brutal, and hilarious.